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Jai is a UK-based composer specialising in fusing age-old tradition with contemporary production values. Inspired by a wide variety of music, Jai strives to explore new combinations of familiar and not-so-familiar genres. Jai started learning to play the piano when he was four. Since then he went on to study classical music, and became involved with recording, touring, studio production and writing music for art installations and moving picture.

Gregorian Journey is Jai's debut album, in which the soothing, healing sound and spirituality of Gregorian plainsong is married to deeply chilled grooves and textures resulting in a journey through ambient electronica and ancient chant. The music is designed to inspire deep relaxation and meditative thought. As such the album is ideally suited to a number of applications, anything from winding down after a dramatic day, to aromatherapy sessions or just to provide a calm sonic backdrop to another pursuit. The music does also lend itself very well to more focussed listening, due to the extensive attention to detail put into the crafting and production. Gregorian Journey will chill you out, calm you down and transport you to that peaceful laid-back haven of sonic joy.

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