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Orenda Blu

Discover the enchanted music of Orenda Blu, where the beauty of the divine feminine meets the art of devotional chanting.

Born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and given up for adoption in 1973 she moved to California with her new family. Music was always a presence in her household growing up. Singing and piano became gifts that brought her much solace. Later in life, after reuniting with her biological family and discovering her Cherokee ancestry, there was a natural progression back to the ancient and powerful place where sacred chanting resides.

Today she hails from the heart of pristine and beautiful mountains in the Sierra Nevadas, in her free time practices Reiki, is studying music therapy, and joyfully teaches music to the children in her community.

Music is the light of her life.
Sacred Chants is her first release on Paradise Music.

Albums Featuring  Orenda Blu