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Trish Munro

Trish owns and runs the very successful Yoga organisation - The Yoga Factory.

THE YOGA FACTORY helps to promote positive mental well-being. There are strong links between the emotional well-being of children and young people and their personal and social development and academic performance.

As well as the physical benefits such as flexibility and balance, yoga helps children to become more aware of their bodies, relax and develop self esteem. Teachers and parents appreciate the non competitive atmosphere. Yoga helps to centre kids and helps them to concentrate. They are able to calm down and breathe and teachers see the improvement immediately.

The concentration involved with the physical postures and breathing exercises seems to decrease their anxiety. Yoga differs from every other form of exercise because as well as exercising your body you are also working on calming the mind.

The Yoga Factory has now trained over 1000 teachers on the yoga for schools programme, bringing yoga to thousands of school children across the UK.
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"I was born with dislocated hips and after 3 operations was facing the possibility of having hip replacements when about 6 years ago I stumbled upon my first yoga class which was to alter the course of my life. I discovered that the yoga postures were increasing my mobility by keeping the joints moving." Trish Munro