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Barrie John and Jacky Newcomb

Barrie John is a multi award winning Psychic
Medium and works both nationally and internationally as a Clairvoyant, Spiritual Tutor and Commercial Paranormal Investigator.

Barrie is an experienced TV medium, radio
broadcaster and published columnist who has a
loyal following. In 2008 Barrie appeared in Series 10 of LIVING TVís Most Haunted.

He has appeared regularly on BBC Radio,
International Radio and has been interviewed
by many of the well known Paranormal and
Spiritual Magazines.

Jacky Newcomb is a multi-award winning,
Sunday Times best selling author (with over
half a million copies of her books sold in
English alone).

Jacky is a columnist for fate & fortune
magazine and has published many hundreds of
articles about all types of psychic phenomenon in magazines all over the world.

Jacky is a regular radio guest and has
appeared as a guest expert on Psychic Live,
The Lorraine Kelly Show (LK Today) and This
Albums Featuring  Barrie John and Jacky Newcomb