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Marie Bruce

Marie Bruce is a best-selling author, journalist, poet and broadcaster. She has written several magical books on various aspects of the Craft some of which have been translated into foreign language editions. She is a full member of The Society of Authors.

As a member of The National Union of Journalists Marie has contributed to various magazines and newspapers among them Prediction, CHAT Itís Fate, and Witchcraft and Wicca. Marie also writes the well-received column The Witching Hour for Spirit & Destiny magazine.
She has also authored several home study courses for the Regent Academy in London.

She lives in Yorkshire with her familiar, a cat named Pyewackett, where she works from home as a full time author. She has been described as Ďa Wiccan iconí and Ďthe official witch of Englandí.

Visit Marie's blog called ShimmerCastDreams which can be found at
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