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Michael Looking Coyote

Michael Looking Coyote was born in the north-east of England to British parents in 1957. He has Native American heritage on the paternal side of his family and is currently writing a book about how he discovered his ancestral connection with the indigenous inhabitants of North America.

He is a loyal member of the Many Nations tribe, which has its reservation in Dubberly, Louisiana. He is leader of the tribe’s Eagle Owl Clan, a member of the clan’s Sun Lodge and Ghost Face Medicine Lodge.

Looking Coyote writes, broadcasts and lectures extensively on Native American culture and spirituality. He writes for numerous journals and newspapers and co-authors the popular Destiny Doctors column in VISION magazine. He has also written a course in Native American Teachings for a British College.

Looking Coyote has stayed on the Many Nations reservation as a guest of the tribe’s Grand Chief and shaman, Redelk, whom he looks upon as a spiritual mentor and close friend.

Looking Coyote is a strong supporter of the rights of indigenous North Americans and believes that government funding for all genuine tribes – registered or unregistered - should be increased. He is particularly supportive of the smaller, impoverished tribes who may have no official recognition and are sometimes disregarded by their larger, better-known cousins. “They too have their story to tell”, he urges.

January 2006
My tribe's Medicine Council has changed my medicine name from Michael Looking Coyote to Michael Standing Wolf. When Indians go through traumatic or life-changing events it is common for their name to be changed in some tribal traditions.
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