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Will Pimlett

Will Pimlett is an amazing flute player - a man who has dedicated his life to playing Native American flutes. He is also a very spiritual man and a horse dentist.

"There was always something that drove me to question what I saw around me from a different perspective. I always seemed more comfortable spending my time with my animal friends and the great outdoors, and this deep love of the countryside stays with me today.

I would describe myself as a spiritual person rather than a religious one and try to keep my spirituality as the core around which all the rest of my life is built.

The music I play comes with the highest and best intentions and in some way no matter how large or small I hope it can help this troubled world in which we find ourselves living.

I feel honoured to be able to play these incredible flutes and to share these songs. My ambition is to be able to work with the flutes to help the listeners reconnect in a better way to themselves and our planet and all the wondrous things around us that sometimes it is so easy to take for granted. I want to take the listener on a journey to places, and with creatures that I have a strong affinity with so that I can share my perception of them with you, the listener." Will Pimlett

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"The flute for me is one of the most expressive instruments I have ever heard. It can cry, laugh
or howl like a wolf." Will Pimlett