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Lucinda Drayton

“It is wonderful for me to be part of a project involving women artists. I do feel there is a new recognition of the power of feminine values in our world and I believe women will lead the spiritual revolution. I hope that this music plays a small part in that revolution and healing so that one day we might all see a more compassionate caring world”. Lucinda

Lucinda has been a musician for 20 years and after a successful pop career( co wrote no 1 hit in 1994 released own album Suicidal Angel (1995) she discovered Raj Yoga meditation and began to live a Yogi life. Lucinda now lives in Oxford where, with her partner she runs Blissful Records. As well as performing in concerts with Bliss all over the world, Lucinda takes music into Prisons and schools and runs workshops on
meditation and creativity.

Bliss have recorded 6 albums and one DVD which are available on:
or by calling 0870 3500 557
Albums Featuring  Lucinda Drayton