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Michelle Roberton-Jones

Michelle is an Angel Therapist and mother of four, based in the UK.
Her journey began, where all journeys begin. At the beginning. A young girl with school girl knees, seeing and believing in all that is not always clear to the eye. But this young girl as she grew within the limitations of childhood beliefs, began to forget who she was and as she did, all the magic and light faded.

In December 2000, while severly ill in hospital. Michelle recieved an Angel visitation. A beautiful Sparkling energy that offered to carry her, to health, to strength and most of all to remind her of who she really was.

That light, that shone in her hospital room, that bleak winter’s day has become her life’s mission. Michelle has dedicated herself to assist others to see who they really are and shine. Besides writing for children, she runs a Little Angels club and positive thinking workshops for teenagers. Michelle’s desire is to empower all children from 1 to 101 to live from the heart, not the head.

Life is a gift, you are a gift. Not one person is more special than another and if you can trust this, you are on your way to finding “you”.
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