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Venerable Choesang

Venerable Choesang
Ordained by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Venerable Choesang has many responsibilities both in Nepal and the UK.

A Buddhist since the early sixties, Venerable Choesang has spent many years both in retreats and studying Buddhism and has had the good fortune to have studied and qualified under some of the great masters who fled Tibet with His Holiness TheDalai Lama.

With a lifelong experience in management, including senior positions within government and corporate establishments, Sister (Ani) Choesang uses her experience to help as many sentient beings as possible, dedicating her efforts to both Western and Asian nuns around the world, as well as teaching both Buddhist and Non-Buddhist students in many countries.

Sister Choesang currently spends much of her time in the UK establishing The Khema Foundation and working towards itís aims.

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