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Lila Mayi

Thanks to my parents, I sampled the taste of the spiritual word as a very young child. This was within the frameworks of Christian benevolence and faith. Fuelled by my desire to explore the transcendental, I was spiritually inaugurated in 1999 and thus became Lila Mayi D.D., which in Sanscrit means - 'My Pleasure'.

Our physical world still remains the focus of my interests today. This 'intellectual' world and its very real connection between the Heart and the Soul. I do trust that in this material body and earth plane, 'Reason' and 'the Heart' will move closer to each other and humanity will gain a worthier and more meaningful form.

Dance, art, the fashion world primarily from the aspect of the choreographer, transpersonal and vedic psychology, expressive art therapy, yoga and music (which now seems to overcome everything else) all have key roles in my life.

My friends and I have now made this special album called 'Healing Woman', which is aimed at giving a true reflection of the Heart's boundless ecstasy unlimited by religious or philosophical barriers. I wish to introduce the relationship of Man to God in the mirror of unity instead of isolation and polarisation.

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