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Govannen are 4 talented individuals, who came together 5 years ago to celebrate Celtic music.

Govannen was a Celtic blacksmith God. The weapons he makes are deadly in their aim, the armour impregnable.

Those who drink from his sacred cup need not fear age and infirmity.

The group hope to arm and defend the listener against what the world throws at you, and to drink of their sound is sure to heal what ails you.

The Band

Chris Conway - musical director for this project and something of a musical wizard on many instruments, many genres and has released many CDs. He has played with Monkee Peter Tork, members of Jethro Tull, Talvin Singh, Dr L Subramanium, and many others. Often dressed in green, Adele's kids call him The Leprechaun.

Dan Britton - singer-songwriter with 2 solo CDs, and has made 2CD and 1 DVD in a duo with Chris Conway. Dan is the engine of the group and at concerts including the famous rousing Irish songs he is the often lead singer. He also is an incredible bodhran player which is where he is heard most on this album. Dan has played with Jackie Leven, Cathy Lesurf amongst others.

Bridget McMahon - with her soaring voice and bodhran skills, (she’s also no mean guitarist & fiddler), Bridget is much in demand. Apart from Govannen, she plays in a duo with Adele, and with singer Robbie Murphy in the band Saoirse, named after her daughter.

Adele McMahon - Govannen's secret weapon is their amazing fiddle player. At concerts, she can run off jig after reel, but it is in the slow airs that her subtle touch is most amazing. She also plays in the Saoirse band. The McMahon’s family are from County Clare in Ireland and they both tour the UK and Ireland as often as their young families allow.

Govannen are most happy to be joined by one of the most beautiful voices on the planet – that of singer-songwriter Vikki Clayton, known for her string of albums and her work with Fairport Convention. Chris has played in her band for some years, playing Cropredy Festival twice in front of 20,000 people. Vikki has a strong interest in Arthurian legend and has written songs on the subject, so was enthusiastic in her role as lady of the lake on this album.

Albums Featuring  Govannen
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