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Chris Conway

Chris Conway is a very talented multi-instrumentalist. He plays piano / keyboards, 9string guitar, tin & low whistles, kalimba, theremin, bamboo flute, and zither as well as vocals.

It is Chris Conway's ability to bring his huge experience of different musics, together with his skills on so many acoustic and electronic instruments that makes his music so special.

He has a very strong feeling for harmony and the effect of that harmony on the emotions makes the feel of a Chris Conway album so very distinctive.

With his theremin, and live electronics plus his exotic acoustic instruments Chris Conway is an wondrous creator of atmospheric new music.

He has played and recorded with Llewellyn & Juliana, Kevin Kendle and The Harps of Avalon.

Chris Conway has released 5 new age CDs on the Paradise Music label.


Chris Conway performs live. If you are interested in contacting Chris to discuss possible live performances, please email him at:

or visit his website:
Albums Featuring  Chris Conway