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Donna Stewart

Donna Stewart has been a professional Medium and Spiritual development Tutor for almost ten years, in the UK and also internationally.
She is the author of 'From Spirit with Love' her first book, and following the success of this, her second book is in its early stages.

Known and widely respected for her work, Donna is a Registered Approved Medium with the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums (ISM/RAM) and In addition to demonstrating mediumship and teaching with many other established mediums at lectures and seminars, Donna regularly tours independently throughout the UK demonstrating mediumship in Theatres and Spiritual Centres.

Her television appearances including '6ixth Sense' with Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell's 'Psychic Detective' She is a regular guest on Colin and Tony's theatre tours and has also given many radio interviews, both locally and nationally.

Donna is a Medium and Tutor at the prestigious College Of Psychic Studies, South Kensington, London, where she is involved, with colleagues, in a large research project for Mediumship and Psychic Phenomena.
For more information about Donna and her work, seminars and appearances, visit her online at:
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You can write to her at:

Donna Stewart, PO BOX 249

enquiries and questions are always welcome by e-mail or post.