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Likened to the purity of Eva Cassidy and the haunting elegance of Kate Bush, Kym's voice has a rare quality that comes along only once in a while. Best known to many as the voice of Maya, A Woman's Journey sees the exciting release of Kym's first
solo album.

Sometimes, a musical accident happens which brings together strands from the past to make something genuinely new and original, but somehow familiar. Maya is one of those bands.

Kim Chandlerís voice needs no processing, no augmenting, and simply demands to be enjoyed. Her songs come from, and speak to, the heart and explore self-belief, unity and redemption. The twin acoustic guitar tapestry provided by Bernie Devine and John Tobin creates a sensitive but musically interesting support to Kimís innocent purity, blending folk, jazz and blues with world music flavours including Spanish and Indian tonalities.

The band formed in 2002 as a distillation of a one-off musical collaboration amongst some of the leading musicians in heritage-steeped St Albans. Since then, Maya have performed only a limited number of concerts at small venues, Arts Theatres and Festivals as they honed their own sound and wrote and recorded their debut album, ĎRevelationsí, released by Paradise Music in 2004.

'Revelations' is inspirational songwriting - Songs composed and sung from the heart with a true respect for the divine. Featuring 9 songs, this album takes the listener to a world of peace and calm.

They showcase a rare, instantly recognisable vocal talent who is attracting fans of all ages and musical tastes. Importantly for a live band, they deliver something special every time whilst allowing space for improvisation so no two performances are quite the same.
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