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Great Spirit Told Me PMCD0046
Michael Looking Coyote

Michael Looking Coyote takes the listener on a meditative journey across the timeless landscape of Native American Spirituality. Both relaxing and inspiring, his words will radically alter your perspective about how to achieve true peace in your life. featuring music from bestseller album "Summoning the Spirit"
Michael Looking Coyote - spoken word.
Will Pimlett - Native American flutes.
Chris Conway - synthesizers, piano, acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, voices, harmonizer, theremin, low whistle, native percussion and native american vocal samples.


  1. Introduction - LISTEN
2. A Life that is Noble and Good [Introduction]
3. Seven Sacred Directions
4. Let Your Heart and Mind be Still
5. With Outstretched Hands
6. Talking with the Grandfathers
7. Barefoot Walker
8. Hear Me, my Creator
9. The Song of the Contented Heart
10. These Things I Know [Conclusion]