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Aura Workshop PMCD0100
Cassandra Eason


We are all spiritual beings within a physical body and our inner spiritual body is made of a rainbow light aura that radiates beyond our physical form. Our auras can become blocked or too active because of the stresses of everyday life.

In this specially recorded Aura Workshop, top author Cassandra Eason explains our auras and teaches us how to cleanse, revitalise and seal them so that we are more resistant to the harmful effects of the modern world around us.

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  1. Introduction, Understanding the Aura
2. Sensing the Aura
3. The innermost red Aura layer
4. The second orange Aura layer
5. The third yellow Aura layer
6. The fourth green Aura layer
7. The fifth blue layer of the Aura
8. The sixth indigo or purple layer of the Aura
9. The seventh violet. white, gold layer of the Aura
10. Seeing the Mood Aura
11. Seeing the Personality Aura
12. Seeing the whole Aura and its health
13. Cleansing with Aura
14. Energising the Aura
15. Sealing the Aura
16. Using colours to strengthen the Aura
17. Auras in your daily life
"I would recommend this insightful workshop to anyone looking for a better understanding of our auric system and how to work with it". Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today, June 2011.