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An introductory Guide to Meditation - BOOK PMCD0241
Philip Permutt

An Introductory Guide to Meditation by Philip Permutt
In today’s twenty-first century stress-filled life we all need something that is free, simple and works. We want something that can help us reduce the stresses we carry and relieve the tensions we hold in our body and mind.

It has been said that meditation is the art of distancing yourself from the flow of information rushing through your mind. It is being a clear empty vessel.

It is only in this clear empty space of the mind that we can go beyond the limitations of logical linear thought into the intuitive world of inspiration and imagination. It is only here that you can truly find yourself and discover who you are.

Philip Permutt welcomes you to the wonderful world of meditation. In this special introductory guide Philip draws upon many years of personal experience and shares how easy it is to meditate.

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An Introductory Guide to Meditation by Philip Permutt, isbn 9781908989079


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